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Creating an account on the Travis County Election Night Returns website allows you to create and save multiple custom views for each election on the Build Custom Results tab. This will enable you to easily build, view, track, and print results for specifically selected jurisdictions, races, districts, and precincts in any combination for any chosen election from the current election back to the November 2011*.

Your account is saved indefinitely as long as you actively utilize the site. If there is no activity on your account for 2 years, we will remove it, but this does not prevent you from setting up a new account in the future.

By becoming a user, we will send you notifications of upcoming elections so that you may follow results as they are posted on election night.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the use of this sight, please email them to

We hope you enjoy experiencing the power and flexibility of this interactive election results website.

*If you wish to view results of elections dating from June 2011 back to November of 1996, they are available in our classic PDF format, but cannot be viewed using the interactive features of this site.

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